Celebrating 50 Years of WIC

This year we recognize an incredible milestone in the evolution of maternal and child health care – the 50th anniversary of the WIC program. Since the first clinic opened in 1974, WIC has provided unwavering support and commitment to improving public health outcomes for women, infants, and children nationwide.

The First Clinic

In 1974, the first WIC clinic opened its doors in Pineville, Kentucky. Picture a bustling waiting room, filled with eager patients and community members, some making the journey from as far as Atlanta, alongside local news stations eager to document the unveiling of this groundbreaking support program for women, infants, and children.

The Pineville clinic’s opening was more than a local milestone; it was a trailblazing moment that set the stage for progress nationwide. The first WIC clinic started what is now a 50-year legacy of improving outcomes for countless families – through the help of WIC.

In this video, meet Betty Hopkins, a retired nurse who helped open the first WIC clinic.

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